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The Great Alignment

Experience Being the Presence of Peace and Love in the World

The awakened heart is able to respond in any moment with joy and excitement. It is able to go with the flow and change the plan if necessary. It is able to redirect you if circumstances require it. It is creativity and inspiration in joyful, harmonious action with your life plan.

The Earth Star/Soul Star Activation, or attunement, will enable your subtle energy system to hold more light than it has in the past through the activation of transpersonal chakras. These perception vortexes are known as the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal Chakra, Etheric Heart and Earth Star. Through the Great Alignment you will integrate the higher frequency rays that are coming through at this time in our history

The Purpose of The Great Alignment Is to:

Open the pathway to your own source of inner wisdom
Awaken your heart knowledge, the mind of God deep within your being, which your intellect is intended to serve

Develop a consistent and effective spiritual practice in your life
Discover and fulfill your unique purpose in the world
Release any blockages that impede the free flow of expression and the manifestation of your life purpose
• Awaken and catalyze the healing, transformation, and purification process which leads to personal and planetary ascension

This program includes:
a 90-minute introductory meditation, reading and healing by telephone or skype
the Earth Star/Soul Star Transpersonal Chakras Activation and Opening of the Etheric Heart
24/7 Crystalline Grid support: an infusion of supportive and transformative spiritual light and healing
support via email for the duration of your program of both interactive and meditative sessions
a follow up 90-minute interactive phone session and healing to be scheduled within three months of the seven-day immersion into supportive sacred geometry

Please email your photo and/or birth information (time/date/place) along with information about any life issue(s) you would like to heal. I will bring this information into meditation prior to our time together. You will begin your session by exploring the spiritual guidance I have intuited for you during meditation. Together, we will move the energy for about an hour, schedule the Earth Star Soul Star Activation, and then you will return to a relaxed state of being.

After your phone session ends, I will continue to facilitate healing, allowing you to remain in the higher energy patterns for as long as you like. During this time I will also construct a crystalline grid which employs the principals of sacred geometry to bathe you in continuous energetic support, and assist you in maintaining energetically balanced patterns in your own crystalline structure as you optimize the flow of universal life force energy in all aspects of your life.

We will work with a personal crystalline grid for 7 days. The energy generated through crystalline grids facilitate deep healing and transformation. Crystals and stones are arranged in prescribed, presice, sacred geometric patterns which can create a very powerful vortex of Life Force Energy. These grids combine the unlimited potential latent in universal sacred geometry with manifesting earth energies. By the universal law of correspondence, powerful healing energy continues to flow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crystal’s orderly and symmetrical molecular structure radiate the healing energy in a consistent, steady manner long after you have turned your attention to other matters. The crystals in your grid will store “light” and discharge it perfectly, according to your needs. This advanced healing art has the capacity to influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

You will be able to schedule a follow up 90 minute session by telephone at any time within 7 - 90 days after your grid support. I will be available to you for email support during this integration time.

Please indicate several “best times” during my regular office hours (M-F, 10am - 4pm EST) when you can be receptive and relaxed for your first session ( I do make myself available very early in the morning, and occasional evenings as well, by special request. I will email with you the next available match, and will call you at our agreed time (ex: 11am EST, 11/22/11). Skype service is available for international clients.

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