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Heal, Renew, and Restore with Spa Therapy Bath Blends

Take a long, luxurious bath with one of our exclusive luxury bath soaks. They are formulated with the highest quality, sustainable ingredients in the world: Organic Bokek, Organic Greek Yogurt, Pure Essential Oils and Wildcrafted Organic Herbs. Far from your average soak in the tub, a bath taken with our all natural bath salts can relieve muscle aches and pains, promote healthy skin, reduce stress, rid your body of harmful toxins, heal common skin conditions, and much more. Our essential oil blends are cured with gemstone essences in grid matrixes to optimize potency and synergistic aroma-therapeutic benefits. Just add 2 - 3 ounces into the reusable drawstring pouch and drop into a warm bath... transform your tub into a luxury healing oasis you may never want to leave!