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Luxury Dead Sea Salt Bath Fizzies

Our Luxury Dead Sea Salt Bath Fizzies spin, whirl and swirl in your bath while releasing relaxing scent and skin-softening agents. This fizz offers a tickling, massaging, and soothing sensation as the bath water bubbles around you, and the exquisite oils and aromatics are released. Dead sea salt is a nutrient rich, moist salt wealthy in numerous key elements and has proven to be one of the best therapeutic salts available. Epsom Salt soothes, relaxes, and relieves sore muscles. Our fizzies are formulated with the same essential oils, botanicals and gemstone essences used in our bar soaps, bath salts, milk baths, shea butter lotions and aromatherapy oils. Each generous fizzy weighs about 4.5 - 5 oz. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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