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There is a resource within you that is an abundant source of profound peace and healing wisdom.
I will help you align with this Presence
and achieve the long-lasting peace,
love, joy, clarity and connection you have been seeking.

Do you find yourself reading self-help books or listening to meditation CDs, downloading and watching empowerment DVDs one after another? Do you still find yourself seeking the long-lasting peace, love, joy, and connection you so deeply long for? You are not alone.

My name is Susan Berry. I invite you to discover a personal, practical, experiential approach to healing based upon teachings of the universal truths found within all religions and spiritual practices. As a seer, healer, and spiritual teacher, my goal is to create a bridge to the Mind of the God existing within you. This is the part of your Divinity that offers right perception, and the opportunity to perceive and serve the world through an open, awakened heart. God is love, the source and essence of all that is... and so are you.

I use other words to describe God as well: Great Spirit, Being, the I Am, Light, Essence, Life, Source, Creator, Divine Consciousness, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Jah, Universal Mind, Great Mother, Goddess, and Unconditional Love. My understanding of God as infinite, eternal, and ever present is experienced as divine energy continually extending, creating, expressing, and sustaining all creation. I believe it's not where you look that matters, but what you see.

If you want to:
• Overcome painful and difficult circumstances in your life
• Heal emotional trauma and abuse
• Release guilt, fear, and limiting beliefs
• Receive practical advice on how to heal your relationships
• Discover your purpose in the world and how to fulfill it
• Develop a clear, realistic plan to accomplish your goals
• Receive communication from the higher planes about whatever is going on in your life

I will join with the deepest part of your being so that you may experience and receive the highest level of divine guidance within you. I do, that you may heal and transform your own life as well as the lives of others.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Master Teacher Susan Berry

With over 35 years of experience providing intuitive spiritual counseling to individuals and groups around the globe, I can provide you with the support you desire to find spiritual healing, direction, and understanding in all areas of your life. I am a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher with a very highly developed ability to receive psychic insight and guidance on a client’s behalf. I am an ordained minister in the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

There is a place within each of us that contains all the wisdom of the universe. This part of our being goes by many names: Higher Self, God, Great Mother, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, and others. Regardless of what you call this Inner Voice or Presence, there is a resource within you that is an abundant source of profound peace and healing wisdom. I will help you align with this Presence and achieve the long-lasting peace, love, joy, clarity and connection you have been seeking.

I spend time in meditation prior to each spiritual counseling session and will remain connected to Source throughout your session. You will have the opportunity to share and ask questions on any topic you want, and I will share the understanding, guidance, and communication that I receive from the higher planes in response to your questions.

After a typical session, you will finish:
• Feeling restored and peaceful
• With a deeper understanding of how your life circumstances are serving you
• With a stronger experience of spiritual connection
• Having received the personal, life-changing connection to Source you wanted
• Having had all of your questions answered, regardless of their nature
• Knowing your next step spiritually and physically in the world
• With a profound knowing of how loved and accepted you truly are
• With a renewed sense of clarity and purpose in your life

Whether you seek spiritual healing, spiritual counseling, relationship counseling, or career coaching, a private session with me is an opportunity to join with your Higher Self and Source and in a very deep and personal way. I provide distance healing through a variety of modalities, and over the phone, Skype and email counseling to support you during times of struggle or on an ongoing basis.

My goal is always to:
• Provide a loving, non-judgmental, safe healing environment
• Communicate the wisdom, inspiration, and insight of Source
• Support and empower you to join with this Divine Presence within you so you have full access to your own inner wisdom for guidance, inspiration, and understanding in your life
• Help you to discover what you truly desire in your heart and help you to expand your vision of what is possible
• Actively work with you to release and heal everything that keeps you from living your heart's desire