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Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing Program

Are you ready to work with a dedicated spiritual life coach

who will accompany you on the most important journey of your life?

Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing is a way to make positive changes in your life with confidence. 
Experience how wonderful it can be to feel connected, on purpose, and divinely guided in everything you do in your life. As your spiritual life coach, I can clearly reflect your current state of mind, see the big picture and patterns in your life, and provide you with guidance and insight while simultaneously holding a clear vision of your success. Having a personal spiritual life coach will help you to release stress and anxiety as you deepen your connection with Source and develop your natural gifts and abilities.

• Do you feel stuck?

• Do you need to make a big change in your life?

• Do you want to feel inspired and passionate?

• Do you want to develop your natural gifts?

• Do you need support with a life transition?

• Would you like help with a difficult relationship?

Choose the Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing Program if you desire to:

• Discover your life's purpose in the world
• Learn to respond to the circumstances in your life differently
• Let go of old patterns so you can accomplish your personal and career goals
• Bring balance and wisdom to making important decisions and life plans
• Bring more honesty, clarity, and compassion to your personal relationships and communication
• Manifest your goals and dreams with more grace, patience, and peace

We all have dreams and visions, issues and challenges. Among the stresses of daily life, in a world out of balance in so many ways, it is difficult, if not impossible, to realize your dreams alone. Even if you believe that your challenges are not your enemies, but divine signposts which show you where you need to focus your attention, it can be difficult to focus enough energy to clarify your vision and see the way. Perhaps as you read this description, you will sense your wise Soul speaking to you and leading you to your next step on your path to true happiness and genuine fulfillment.

I will help you to follow and realize your life's dreams. Together, we will discover your uniquely intended life plan, and from there, begin to implement that plan in your life. You will embrace a deeper understanding of your individual purpose, and you will be guided to transform life’s challenges into growth opportunities in order to realize and achieve your destined potential.

Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing helps to identify and eliminate blocks created by unconscious, cultural, familial and generational patterns as well as those patterns that we may identify as having their roots in past lives.Once these patterns are identified, and acknowledged within your energy bodies, you will understand what you need in order to heal.

Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing is an ancient, global practice in which all of nature is understood as living, or in other words, filled with Spirit.From a natural healer’s perspective, the Spirit of any living being may be wounded or partially lost from the effects of trauma, grief, injury or disease. My role as an Intuitive Healing Medium and Reiki Master is to assist you in your search of the wounded, lost fragments of your Soul and retrieve them safely back to you. Additionally, I will help you to “plug in,” integrate, and operate from the resulting higher energy frequencies available to you. In this restoration of wholeness you will be able to move through life on full power!

Sometimes, “free floating” spiritual energy that is not your own, may enter to fill the space left by your own Spirit's loss. I perceive this phenomena as "blocks" in your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual energy fields. This intrusive energy is cleared to make way for your returning spiritual energy. Spirit is what both shapes and infuses your physical being. In other words, your Spirit and it's overall wellness, determine the form and health of your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It is the physical form that allows your Spirit to manifest and complete it's work in this life. The physical and non-physical realms meet in the body.

This means we can access the non-local part of our being (Spirit), and this part of ourselves can assist us in creating our physical existence. In other words, not only are our bodies part of the divine, they function as portals (our chakras) into that realm of wholeness and balance. Because of this extraordinary function, the chakras can act passages to wisdom which is unlimited by the restrictions constructed by our conscious minds and our personalities.

It is Spirit of Love that actually has the power to heal. I am simply the facilitator for the healing work, in divine service as intermediary between this visible, material world and the unseen world of Spirit. Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairscentient (clear sensing), & Prophetic Knowing are all tools I use to identify issues of dis-ease and imbalance. As an intuitive healer and empath, I am able to see and feel energy blockages, identify what caused them, and help you to facilitate their release.

Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing requires your commitment to the process. This program includes 5 sessions, scheduled for your individual needs, comfort, and convenience. 
Your first meeting will be a 90-minute interactive healing session, and the four following integration sessions are 90, 60, 60 and 90 minutes in length respectively.

Your grid will be charged with healing energy on a daily basis throughout the course of your program.
By the universal law of correspondence, powerful healing energy continues to flow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crystal’s orderly and symmetrical molecular structure radiate the healing energy in a consistent, steady manner long after you have turned your attention to other matters. The crystals in your grid will store “light” and discharge it perfectly, according to your needs. Your grid will be constructed after your second 90-minute healing, and your experience will be entirely personalized to best meet your wellness goals.

Your Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing package includes:

• Five Interactive Energy Healing Sessions (90, 90, 60, 60 and 90 minutes in length respectively)
• Continuous Crystalline Grid Support
• Unlimited Email Support
• Intuitive Readings
• Chronological Healing
• Integration Directives
• Spiritual Counseling
• Intuitive Development Tools

Because I am  working with the non-local aspect of Spirit, I am able to facilitate this healing remotely (known as distance healing). In the initial one and a half hour consultation, we will discuss your issues and questions for a portion of the time, then move into the work itself. Your payment also covers my time making preparations for your “visits." Before I work, I always meditate with my Spirit Guides to ask for specific instructions. This is done a few days in advance of your appointment and again just before your session. In addition, I spend  time afterwards releasing and clearing each persons energy. I am also often guided to “track and take note” of your progress between sessions.

During your first healing session, you will be lying or sitting comfortably in an undisturbed, peaceful environment where you can be relaxed and receptive. My healing room room is quiet, lit with candles, and sacred herbs are burned to keep the space clear of nonbeneficial energies. To begin the session, I welcome the compassionate, healing Spirits that will be working on our behalf. I also ask if they wish to give a message. You are also encouraged to welcome those Spirits that you feel are your protectors and teachers, and make your request for healing energy. Please give this request some consideration prior to your first session so that you are able to communicate your needs clearly and concisely. (We do not always know what is in our best interest, since we can never see the whole of God's plan, but clarity of intention certainly assists in healing!) At this time, the work will proceed.

You will find Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing to be comprised of interactive and collaborative sessions in addition to traditional distance healing modalitiesduring which you can relax and receive the healing energy, guidance and support. After your first session, you will feel a renewal of your Spirit, a deeper connection to the natural world, and an overall infusion of love flowing into and through you! You may discover a sense of heightened awareness. You will release toxins. What is important is to allow your own divine process to unfold!

In a few days following your first healing session we will communicate by telephone or by Skype. Discussion, since it is an intellectual activity, often has the effect of diluting the power of spiritual healing. Sometimes, by talking about things we define and limit what is actually non-linear and limitless! I believe that it is necessary to be in the mystery for a while... and to respect that which has unfolded in the realm of Spirit. When we do follow-up, within 48-72 hours, we will discuss the Spirit Guided Integration of your healing, which may include lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, meditation, affirmations, aromatherapy, working with crystalline energies, Feng Shui remedies, and creative play! Integration methods are as individual as the many people I have worked with, and when these suggestions are followed faithfully... truly remarkable transformations are possible! 

We will review your healing experiences and determine the direction of your program during your second session, which is usually scheduled 7 to 14 days after the initial healing. It is my experience that the actual healing continues to progress for days, weeks or months after the initial session. Keeping a journal during this time is highly recommended. Three additional follow-up sessions (usually spaced in 7 to 21-day intervals) will be scheduled and designed to address your individual needs. In the time between these visits, I am available to help you to work with your guides, process new insights, and answer your questions. Through this process, you will learn to treat yourself with gentleness, listen to your heart, and trust your intuition. As you honor the directives that are given, you will observe the changes you perceive in yourself, and enjoy the many blessings of spiritual growth. 

Integrated Spirtual Energy Healing allows you to gently return to your natural state of wonder and creativity, balance and well-being.In a state of balance, and with the free flow of the powerful energies that your body and Spirit inherently share, you will heal your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. All healing is a process. All of nature exists within the process paradigm. The seasons, the weather, and the rhythms of life all flow in a constant cyclic stream. Natural ebbs and surges are normal and expected. The ancient process of Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing offers the gift of focusing in the present time. In enjoying the journey that is your life, one precious day at a time, you have the freedom to sense, imagine, and explore ideas which you may have been conditioned to dismiss as seeming irrelevant details... but which are, in actual fact, the treasures of your life!

The Process of Integrated Spiritual Energy Healing

• Directs you toward what is in your highest good at all times
• Will guide and lead you in practical and balanced ways
• Taps the source of your inspiration, creativity, and abundance
• Can dissolve your limiting beliefs, fears, and unworthiness
• Can help you to fulfill your spiritual life purpose, as well as meet your worldly needs and goals
• Brings understanding and direction to all areas of your life

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Integrated Spiritual Healing Program and Spiritual Life Coaching at