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We would like to acknowledge the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto
, whose research in water consciousness demonstrated that water has the incredible capacity to remember within its molecular structure the vibrational patterns of whatever it has been exposed to. Water exposed to harmonious sounds, loving thoughts, positive expressions, and peaceful and joyful emotions form exquisite hexagonal crystal patterns within its molecules, becoming liquid prayers and blessings.

We define a blessing as an auspicious state of grace, contributing to happiness, health, well-being, or prosperity. It is the energy of awareness, love, healing, and awakening. At Bathing In Blessings we honor the divine gift of living water, and in meditative awareness work in the spirit of love and gratitude. At Bathing In Blessings we honor the ancient ways.

The ancient ones understood that natural streams, pools and springs were sacred and healing. They experienced physical rejuvenation, relief from pain, and the healing of illnesses at such sites around the globe. They knew that living water therapies can also provide powerful emotional and spiritual healing. Many shrines, temples, and modern therapeutic resort spas use ritual bathing processes to rid the body, mind and spirit of toxins that cause illnesses. In fact, most religions today use sacred or holy water in their rites. Our ancestors clearly understood the concept of blessing water to transform its molecular structure, thus turning it into medicine to heal, transform and bless the receiver.

Here in New Hampshire, vibrant living water rushes forth from its source in the White Mountains, and is imprinted with the positive energy of the plants, rocks, soil, trees and all life forms of this place. As it flows it carries with it the essence of its origins and carries the blessing and resonance of creation itself. In our care, it is infused with blessings for peace, love, joy, abundance, protection, and healing.

At Bathing In Blessings soapworks, we begin with natural, Mountain Spring Water. With gratitude and intention, we add mineral, herbal, and other beneficial nutrients into our cold process formulas to be absorbed through the skin. These elements improve the body’s ability to transmit healing vibrations throughout the cells and move toxins out through the skin's elimination system. Sea salts, healing clays and muds, essential oils, and gemstone essences optimize the body’s ability to defend itself against pollution, toxins, and the stresses of life in modern times. Our work is love made visible. The result is an all natural soap, in an auspicious state of grace!

Quantum Physics has proved that the tiniest particles of energy in atoms and neutrons ARE changed and affected by human observation, thoughts, and close consciousness !

The human body is nearly 90% comprised of water. Water is one of the four fundamental material divisions, along with air, earth, and fire. Water is the forerunner of Life, and the 'Universal Solvent". It is known since ancient times to be closely connected to human *Emotions*, and is affected by the Moon phases. Anything largely made up of Water is affected: for example blood and the ocean tides.

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who has proven that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto's hypothesis has evolved over the years. Initially he believed that water takes on the "resonance" of the energy which is directed at it, and that polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualization.

His experiments involved hundreds of water samples. Each sample was exposed to different thoughts, ideas, and concepts from humans; some positive (love, gratitude, etc), and some negative (devil, killing, etc.) He also exposed some water samples to different genres of music. He then photographed the crystals which each water sample produced. The results are dramatic, and here they are for you to see, in this video.

We invite you to bathe in blessings.
simply divine all natural soap

Handcrafted, all natural cold process soap infused with heart-centered intention using living water; highly charged mountain spring water with a hexagonal pattern of water crystals able to pass on vitality and information content. Honoring the ancient arts of crystal healing, aromatherapy and applied sacred geometry, our soap is cured in a flower of life matrix for potency and purity, and Reiki blessed for your wellbeing.