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White Copper Pendant Nine Swarovski Crystals

Nine Swarovski crystals are set in a 2 inch diameter textured white copper disc to catch and play with light. Satin cord included as shown

In Transcendental Philosophy the Number Nine is considered very sacred. Astrology deals with the " nine revolving heavens". Gemology deals with the Nine gems. Numerology deals with the nine base digits. The ninth prosperity is said to be Cosmic Consciousness.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word " Yuj " which means to unite, to unite with Cosmic Creative Intelligence. Yoga has the power to confer the ninth prosperity or Cosmic Consciousness.

The Absolute Being assuming the role of Numbers: The Inifinite Being who is Absolute , becomes One when He stands alone. He becomes Two as Consciousness and Force. He becomes three as the three relative states of Consciousness, Waking, Dreaming and dreamless sleep. He becomes Fourfold as the Four Vedas. He becomes Five as the five sense organs. As the Six Shastras He becomes Six. He becomes Seven as the Sevenfold Cord Of Being - Life, Mind, Matter, Supermind, Being, Knowledge, and Bliss. He becomes Eight as the Eightfold Prosperity (Ashta Aiswaryas). He becomes Nine as the Nine planets, Nine base digits & the Nine gems.

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