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Water Clear Tachyon Chi Meditation Pyramid Feng Shui Large

Abundant Rainbows!

The aesthetics amazing, it is pure loving light. Superb geometry and energetic signature. Place in your working environment to energize your creativity and will, while you neutralize competing energies. This piece is also excellent for healing practices or to use in your home to create sacred space and an aura of peace and possibility.

This large, powerful tachyon pyramid measures 3.25" in diameter x 2" tall. Place in your environment to create peaceful, sacred space and to neutralize negative energies. Exceptional tool for chanelleing, Reiki distance healing, and group work. A must-have piece for the professional practice.

It is very unusually faceted and holds tremendous energy. It will make a valuable addition to your professional practice, your daily meditation and yoga practice, or wherever 5th and 6th dimensional energies are welcome. May you be blessed to work with it and love it as I do.

$50.00 1 available

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