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Violet Flame Tachyon Pyramid - Large

Our large Tachyon Pyramids measure approx. 3.25" in diameter x 2" tall. They are highly programmable and exceptional for meditation and spiritual growth, channeling and group work. You will find them to be a valuable addition to your home and office, the professional practice environment, your daily meditation and yoga practice.

Place in any room to energize your environment while neutralizing negative energies. This larger size is excellent for healing practices which incorporate light and color therapies and Atlantean techniques. Wherever there is a situation which is giving off low vibrational energy, use the violet energy to prevent it from attracting to itself even more such energy.

A tool of spiritual alchemy, the Violet Ray, or Flame, as it is often called, transmutes low vibrational energy and transforms it into light or pure high vibrational energy. It can be invoked to heal body, mind and spirit as well as to harmonize challenges in everyday life. Wherever a transformation to higher energies is needed, use the violet flame.

Healers experience an enhanced, vibrant aura, a boost to physical stamina, and a clearing/opening of spiritual healing channels to function more effectively. The energy of the violet flame can be used by anyone on a daily basis and not just at healing or therapy sessions. If we meditate with it as part of our morning and/or evening routines (and just by having it in our environment), we cleanse and free ourselves from unwanted elements picked up during the day or night. The effects are immediate, the energy remains with us, and the more we use the violet flame, the more its energy accumulates in our auric field.

For those wishing to accelerate your own personal ascension program, this is a most valuable tool.

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Sherrry 4 years ago

This crystal has beautiful energy and its great to meditate with! Its beautiful in my living room and changes the energy of the entire room! A really great price for this crystal that has been upgraded in energy, much better than buying one in the store!

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