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Violet Flame Healing Activation: Alchemy, ascension

The Violet Flame Healing Activation transmutes your negative thoughts, actions and emotions into loving energies

The Violet Flame is a multi-dimensional spiritual tool for everyone, regardless of your spiritual path, given to through divine dispensation. The Violet Flame is a sacred fire that exists within the etheric heart on the higher dimensions. The purpose of this activation is to acknowledge, accept, forgive, and transmute all limiting and dense feelings, actions, deeds, and karmic patterns into patterns (sacred geometry) which hold a higher vibrational frequency, and which propels us toward personal and collective ascension.

For me, the term "ascension" means becoming a True Human, a Divine Being, embodying a level of consciousness known as "Christed" which is very much obtainable by any person. You may use the Violet Flame in perfect harmony with any belief system, religion or practice. It is a universal tool with absolutely no dogma attached to it.

I have greatly simplified the activation process from the past use of prayer and affirmations that I gave to teach students to memorize with much repetition. I intuit that the words are not so importanttoday because the pathway has been well established on this plane by the ones who came before you, and the space is now held firmly in this dimension for multidimensional healing experiences. Like memorizing symbol sequences and invocations, we are spending too much energy and focus worrying about whether we get the words and symbols right or not. This causes us to miss the really important part of any healing, attunement, or activation - the feeling in your heart, your desire, intention and sincerity. I will do the ceremonial work. You simply stay heart centered.

There are a few guidelines to ready yourself for the process. A few minutes before our agreed start time I suggest that you do some yogic breathing, and any relaxation and/or grounding and centering excersises which bring you into a state of relaxed awareness. Once you feel energy entering and expanding in your heart, please join me in asking your higher self, guide or angel to assist you, or simply request that the Flame be made manifest. It is helpful to visualize (doesn't matter if you can or cannot actually see it) a ball of violet fire above your head. Then ask that ball of fire to come into your body and fill every speck of your entire body.

Center yourself. Take a few deep breaths to prepare, and then say these words:

"Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart

and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,

surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present and future, for all Eternity.

Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Being That I AM."

Spin the flame in and around your body. Keep the Flame inside your body while asking it to also come out through your heart chakra and spin around or encircle the outside of your body so that it's encompassing your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Imagine that you are safely cocooned within the spinning light as you are also spinning it within your heart. This will create a multidimensional shift.

Agree that the Violet Flame will transmute everything you wish to be changed or eliminated from your current experience. I will be holding a tremendous amount of energy to facilitate an extended continuum of frequencies which extend beyond time/space. Some students prepare a shopping list prior to the activation, agreeing that they are ready and willing to transmute karma, negative feelings such as anger, poverty, frustration, sadness, physical illnesses. But you can simplify it, and intuit a phrase such as "transmute anything and everything standing in the way of my ascension", or " transmute all limiting energies which is blocking my becoming a Christed Being." Again, it's actually the intent and the feeling (emotion) behind it. One important phrase to add is, "on all dimensions, on all levels, through all time and space, past, present and future" to your request. That covers all your lifetimes and your multidimensional selves. And this is the area in which I am holding the space for you to clear.

The Violet Flame Healing Activation will assist you in transmuting your karma and negative thoughts, actions and emotions. So please individualize the activation using words from your own heart and say them with great feeling and intention. Saying the words out loud is best because the power and vibration of the spoken word has energy, which helps create the maximum results of the Violet Flame. If you are in deep meditation, you can just allow them to flow quietly in your mind and the higher frequency created thru mediation will facilitate.

Together, we'll change negativity into Divine Light and fill your bodies with unconditional love. Spaces are created in your auric field where the dense energy and blocks were consumed by using the Violet Flame. It is very important to fill those spaces up with healing energy, and again, that's my job. And again, I have simplified the process to one phrase which you can say in your mind, or aloud, as you feel it bubble to the surface during our time together. "Please transmute everything into love, prosperity, abundance, peace and happiness." Your job here is to joyfully receive.

Color is healing energy. I have found that asking for specific colors (or frequencies) is very beneficial in repairing those holes in the aura. Pink is unconditional love. Blue is peace and tranquility. Green is health and abundance. Deep dark blue is spiritual knowledge and intuition. Violet is spiritual advancement and knowledge. You may see these colors in your minds eye in any sequence. I will use a sacred Violet Flame Invocation which turns everything into the golden light of the Christ Consciousness, which encompasses all the qualities of the other colors. But you should feel free to bathe yourself anywhere within the spectrum at any time. Your wise soul knows exactly what you need and when. Trust that. As you come back to ordinary reality, you will seal the session with the intention to receive the golden light and rest for a few moments in the I AM presence.

"Send this Golden Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance, raising my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time."

After you have purchased your appointment, please email your photo and indicate several “best times” during my regular office hours (M-F, 10am - 4pm EST) when you can be receptive and relaxed for your healing to Please allow one hour for the experience.

$150.00 2 available

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