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Green Tachyon Power Cells x7 Reiki Chi Crystal Healing EMF Harmonizing

Set of 7 Green Tachyon Power Cells

Each measures approximately .75" in diameter, and are made of irridescent green glass! The rainbow effect provides full spectrum healing and overall balancing, while the green (the color of the heart chakra and the color of nature) targets the emotional body. It balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion. It represents purity and harmony. Physically, it has a calming effect, especially in inflamed conditions of the body. It is soothing to the nervous system. It is a great healer. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. Green harmonizes, life-giving, calms the mind, nerves, fever, and acidity; balances the metabolism, stabilizes the weight, tones liver and spleen; and benefits the pituitary gland.

These are especially nice to create a Tachyon Grid with channeled art or any grid you may already be using! A Tachyon Grid is used as an aid to manifestation, and a continuous Feng Shui cure to create and maintain a balanced, energetically nurturing space. The cells may also be placed on or near electronic devises, worn or carried, or placed directly upon the body during healing and meditations. The applications are endless!

Takionic Harmonizing Cells
• Promote environmental health via electro-magnetic fields
• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body)
• May be used to vitalize food, water and healing tools
• Support natural healing and holistic wellness
• Magnetize us to our highest potential

$18.00 1 available

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