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Tachyon Raku Celtic Triquetra Talisman Bead Necklace

Wearing Tachyon Jewelry

• Promotes environmental health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improves circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body)

• Protects from EMF radiation

• Supports natural healing and holistic wellness

• Magnetizes us to our highest potential

This gorgeous Celtic Triquetra Bead Raku Pendant hangs at 14" on a strand of Japanese Toho beads embellished with handmade clay beads. The pendant is about 1.25" in diameter and .25" thick. The photo shows the colors used in your piece, but each one is truly one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly.

Raku is a style of pottery originating in the 16th century, originally used exclusively for the cups in the Sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony. The word Raku means "joy" or "happiness" making these vessels perfectly suited to hold intentions of healing, well-being and joy.... by design."

The Triquetra symbolizes the connection of the natural forces: earth, air, and water... life, death, and rebirth, etc. The circle is a symbol of eternity, and the love that endures all and connects all things.

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