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Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads fits Pandora x2 Tachyon Orgone

This listing is for two Tibetan Silver Spacer Beads. Spacer Beads remind you to breathe, relax, enjoy the moment, and have faith that your journey is unfolding as it should.

The hole size is 7mm, allowing for a bit of movement and texture. You'll get a little jingle-jangle without the sweater-snagging potential of a dangle!

Additional beads and bracelet sold separately.

Tachyon energized and Reiki blessed, Journey Beads are created to hold energy for inspiration, healing, awareness, creativity, and joy. They also fit your Pandora, Troll, and Biagi jewelry so you can add supportive and protective energies to the jewelry you already wear. All Journey Beads arrive wrapped in scented silk rose petals with their affirmation tag.

$8.95 4 available