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Tachyon Source Field Pyramid 3 inch Light Therapy Feng Shui Healing choose color

Powerful, professional tools for your wellness practice. Choose One: Red, Carnelian, Golden Yellow, Peridot Green, Emerald Green, Atlantean Sea, Turquoise, Light Blue, Cobalt Blue, Water Clear, Iridescent, Light Pink, Magenta, or Violet Flame • applied sacred geometry • excellent for professional practice • use on the bodyuse for feng shui cures • use for gridding and manifestation • use for remote healing and prayer work • each measures 3.25" x 2" These are especially nice to create a field or sacred space as an aid to manifestation, and a continuous Feng Shui cure to create and maintain a balanced, energetically nurturing environment. Great for students to aid in concentration and focus, in your workspace, or anyplace that competing energies need to be neutralized. Tachyon pyramids: • Promote environmental health via electro-magnetic fields • Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body) • May be used to vitalize food, water and healing tools • Support natural healing and holistic wellness • Magnetize us to our highest potential
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