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Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Energizging Glass Plate

    •    Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Energizging Glass Plate
    •    4.5 inches x .5 inch thick
    •    creates a vortex field

Takionic Healing Tools promote health and wellness via electro-magnetic fields. These are perfect to use to energize your beverages. They may also be used to charge herbal remedies, massage oil, and food items. Using Tachyon plates will help to stimulate your immune system, enhance blood and chi circulation, and support natural healing. Used as a harmonizing Feng Shui cure, they will influence the energy of the room in which they are used as well!

Our silica plate measures approximately 4.5 inches .5 inch thick. Each is unique, with interesting inclusions, bubbles, and ripples patterning the glass. Concentric circles molded into the glass create a vortex field. Especially well-suited to optimize oils and elixirs, and healing tools, this plate is great in the kitchen for energizing food or beverages, too. Place a pot of kitchen or medicinal herbs upon it to concentrate the essential oils. This piece impacts and energizes a very large space, and is also very nice to hold against the body.


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