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Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Chi Power Cells Palm Stones x2 32mm

One of our best sellers since 2005!

you will receive 2 Tachyon Power Cells
new colors: iridescent clear or cobalt (rainbow spectrum), aqua, or turquoise
approx 1.25" or 32mm in size
use on the body or in the environment
perfect size for meditation palm stones
promote environmental health via electro-magnetic fields
improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the environment (and in the body)
may be used to vitalize food, water and healing tools
support natural healing and holistic wellness
magnetize us to our highest potential

These silica tachyon cells combine and balance the energetic signatures of their color frequencies and your subtle bodies. These are able to produce a shielding aura from negative energies of external sources while transferring the positive high frequencies now flooding Earth, to place you within an infusion of supportive and transformative light and healing.
These are excellent for use in a Tachyon Grid or used as a continuous Feng Shui cure to create and maintain a balanced, energetically nurturing space for meditation and healing. The cells may also be placed on or near electronic devices, worn or carried, or placed directly upon the body during healing and meditations. The applications are endless!

Choose iridescent clear or cobalt (rainbow spectrum), aqua, or turquoise.
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