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TACHYON ORGONE ZERO POINT Blue Stars Harmonize Energize

These multi-purpose Tachyon stars are stellar performers!

You will receive a set of three glass harmonizing star-shaped cells. 
Each piece measures approx. 1 x.25 inches. 
Use for gridding, chakra balancing, and to create sacred space.
 Scatter in your living, working and healing space,
use as plant companions for therapeutic herbs, 
perfect to hold as palm stones in meditation, and during energy healing, 
soothing to carry in your pocket and give away spontaneously! The applications are endless!

Takionic Wellness Tools

• Enhance and focus mental energies for better performance under pressure

• Promote health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in your biofield and immediate environment

• Support natural healing and holistic wellness by strengthening your resistance to the effects of stress

$11.00 2 available

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