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Tachyon Orgone Pyramid Meditation Healing Carnelian

This powerful Carnelian-colored tachyon pyramid measures 2" in diameter x 1.5" and 1.5" .75" tall
. Place in your environment to create peaceful, sacred space and to neutralize negative energies. Perfect as a center stone in a grid with other cells, crystals, gemstones or pyramids. Exceptional tool for Reiki distance healing, and group work.

This is a nice size to lay upon the body for chakra-specific energy healing and to hold in meditation.
Used to heal Sacral chakra issues around pleasure, well-being, sexuality, and abundance. The archetypes of the Sacral chakra are the Martyr and the Empress/Emperor. They form the polarity of suffering and sacrifice on the one hand, and pleasure, happiness and contentment on the other.
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