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Tachyon Orgone Dog Collar Tag K9 Charm EMF Protection Healing

Our k-9 charm is lead and nickle free, crafted and beautifully finished front and back in fine pewter. It measures approx 1 x 1 inches. By fastening a Tachyon pendant onto your best friend's collar you provide them with harmonizing and protective energies 24/7.

Domesticated animals suffer from blockages in their energetic continuum that occurs from poor nutrition with chemical additives or other toxins, antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals from sprays, shampoos and flea collars. Because they share our homes, they are exposed to the same EMF contamination that we are. Energetic blockages can also occur from loneliness, inactivity, and physical injury. Some studies also show that our pets absorb our stress, depression and anger, which creates a change in their energy field.
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