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Tachyon Hong Detox Foot Patch 1 month supply

You'll feel better and look radiant!

The Hong Detox Patch will:

• assist in the extraction of toxins from the body, and absorb those toxins

• assist in the natural cleansing of the Lymphatic System

• assist in the extraction of heavy metals from the body

• boost your Immune System

• help alleviate pain and reduce swelling in the body
• improve the quality of your sleep
• promote vitality, health and wellness

How they work: Your body naturally sends toxins away from your heart, so most toxins are stored in the lower part of the body. The herbal formula warms your feet and opens key acupunture points found on your soles, allowing the pad to gently draw toxins out from the entire body. The Kidney 1 Meridian is stimulated, which promotes detoxification. Pads can also be applied on the back, neck, shoulder, muscles, and joints.

How to use: Adhere to feet for 6 -10 hours while you sleep. You may put a sock on over the pad and adhesive to keep it in place. Alternate with left foot one night, right foot the next, consecutively. You will see physical matter (toxins) on the pads while you are detoxing, then the pads will clear up after the toxins are removed. Placed on the arch, they work with major reflexology organs to maximize the effects. NEVER apply directly to mucous membranes or near or on open wounds. Don't use if pregnant.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Hong Detox Patches contain tourmaline, wood vinegar and bamboo vinegar extract, houttuynia cordata extract, loquat leaf extract, chitosan, dextrin, vegetable fiber, and natural vitamin C.

Hong Detox Patches can help alleviate fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, dull skin, constipation, bad breath, digestive disorders, anxiety, forgetfulness, allergies, poor circulation, joint pain, and the appearance of cellulite. Instruction sheet and adhesive pads included.

30 disposable pads

$60.00 5 available

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