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Tachyon Formula Hoodoo Money Drawing Oil

Money Drawing Oil is used when you need more money! Anoint the inside of your wallet or purse every day!

This old Hoodoo recipe includes a blend of Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Bayberry, Bergamot, and Pyrite and Citrine Quartz essential and gemstone oils to create a synergistic vibration that stimulates your ability to draw cash currency and material energies toward you for the highest good. Tachyon-energized for optimum results!

"I live in an abundant universe.
I transcend all limitations.
I am increasingly magnetic to money, prosperity, and abundance."

You will receive a 1/4 oz ( approx. 8 m capacity) glass bottle containing a very special Money Drawing Oil. This oil is handcrafted by me in very small quantities. It contains all natural oils and the essence of powerful, rough stones from my private collection. After 21 days the infusion is placed in individual 2 dram glass bottles, and ritually placed within an active Pyrite, Gold and Diamond grid for an additional 7 days.

Subtle Energy Therapies Anoint a green or bayberry candle (especially good for the center candle cell in an abundance grid), and use in ritual baths. Dress the 4 corners of your bills, for it is said that your money will return double if anointed on the four corners of your paper money. When applying for a new job or for a loan, anoint the soles of both feet with this oil before leaving for your appointment.

Try this! Write the "success sigil" on your paper money before you spend it. SUCCESS (without the vowels) is SCCSS. Draw a line through each S to change it to a dollar sign $ and draw a line through each C to change it to a cent sign ¢
Now, add another $ to the front so that the whole thing is a symmetrical palindrome (reading the same from front to back and back to front)
Write the SUCCESS sigil diagonally in every corner of each bill. Underneath the name of the US Treasurer, write your own full name, then dress the bills spiritually with a drop of Money Drawing Oil and advertising, or education and training. May you be blessed! Put the dressed money back in your wallet.

Dressed money is often called "trained money" or "hunting money" because If you spend it wisely, it will go out into the world and hunt up more money to come back to you. Spend your hunting money only on things that are necessary to you or which can bring you more money or success such as business inventory and advertising, or education and training.

May you be blessed!
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Terri 4 years ago

I use the oil every day. I love it!

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