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Tachyon Color Therapy Chakra Healing Journey Beads Pink Yellow Green x10 lot

Tachyon energized and Reiki blessed, Journey Beads fit your Pandora, Troll, and Biagi jewelry. They are created to hold energy for inspiration, healing, awareness, creativity, prosperity, and joy! It is our prayer that their positive affirmations enhance your ability to live and love with enthusiasm and vigor, and increase your ability to overcome any difficulties you encounter along the way. We hope that Journey Beads will add beauty and light to your journey, and remind you to celebrate each step and milestone!

This is a 10-bead Murano Glass Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Set.
You will receive the exact beads shown. 18-inch silk cords in several colors and bracelets in several styles and colors, leathers and metals, are sold separately. You can create a beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelet, a necklace, a bookmark, or a set of touchstone prayer and meditation beads.

Wearing Green Nurturing and earthy, green is considered to be one of the most healing among all the colors. Because green is the color of trees and grasses it is a wonderful color choice to wear anytime you are wanting to feel more in-tune with nature. Green represents the Spring season and new growth. Choose this color to wear whenever you are embarking on something new or wish to turn over a new leaf.

Pink conveys compassion and an open heart. Most people associate pink with babies, little girls, and feminine energies. But more than feeling feminine, wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart. When people are wearing pink they appear approachable and capable of loving others. If you want to feel heart-connected reach for pink.

Yellow is Cheerful and Happy! Yellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirits needs an uplift. Yellow carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. All shades of yellows and golds will cheer you up and help make you feel happier. Wearing yellow out into the world makes a very positive affirmation statement.

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