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Tachyon Blooming Organic Jasmine Tea Flower Balls


Healthy and Delicious
Tachyon Blooming Organic Jasmine Tea

Blooming Teas are an exquisite feast for the senses!

Watch these fragrant flowers slowly open and come to blossom in hot water. It is truly amazing to watch! Use the time for a simple meditation of appreciation and wonderment. And then, enjoy a flavorful Chinese tea. Jasmine tea is known for it relaxing properties and wonderful fragrance. Jasmine effectively cleanses the body of stored toxins and is also used to treat and manage high cholesterol. Each bloom keeps up to a week when submerged in water, so save it on your desk or window sill! Many beautiful women use this water as a skin toner. Jasmine tea balls are 100% organic, hand picked, and handcrafted. They are made from the leaves of the Jasmine plant. In the center of the Jasmine ball a Globe Amaranth flower is used to create the stunning visual effects! A work of art in a pot! Enjoy!

To Brew a Jasmine Flower Tea Ball: Place one ball (each ball weighs about 4 grams) into a glass teapot mug, or heavy wine glass and add just-boiled water. Let steep for 10 or 15 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the stronger the flavor will be. Sweeten with milk and honey if desired, or enjoy as it is! (Pot and cup in photo not included.)

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