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Tachyon Blanket Throw Blush Oshun Spirit

So soft and light!

Our luxurious Tachyon Throw measures 50 x 60 inches (127 x 152 cm). Luxurious, micro-terry Tachyon Blankets are excellent to use in the professional practice when conducting healings and treatments, as the Tachyon-energized material helps to balance all energy fields and enhance the energies you are using in your work. I've been using these in my practice for years and my clients love them! Extra support at home when you are recovering from an illness or surgery, and very good for meditation. Raising Indigo or Crystal Children? Keep one in the car and one on the bed! Tuck them in with one of these and everyone will have a good night! Elderly, arthritic pets? Throw one on top of your pets bed and watch that tail wag! Durable enough to drag around everywhere, machine wash in cold water. 100% polyester for superior durability, easy care, and lightweight warmth.

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