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Tachyon Bead Set Frog Totem Yellow Gold Silver Silk Cord Necklace

The frog totem is a powerful totem residing in the realms of both earth and water. Its energy is associated with the emotions and helps one shed physic resonances picked up from others. It is a symbol of creativity and change. It helps one to transition more smoothly through life's stages.

This set of 11 Tachyon beads includes the Frog Beads and the glass and Tibetan Silver beads shown. The yellow silk cord is also included. Beads fit most Pandora and European large hole bead jewelry.

Applying Tachyon to the thymus and heart area helps to cleanse the emotional and psychic circuits contributing to our potentialities and deepening meditative states. In this way we are more able to access the natural source of Chi, Life Force Energy, present and available in the whole universe.

This energy neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and helps balance and rejuvenate the body encouraging natural detoxification, increasing the absorption of available vitamins and minerals and promoting the healing process as well as increasing energy levels.

The thymus gland is the information centre, the ‘reader’, for the immune system. This centre knows what should be absorbed by the body and what should be eliminated but unfortunately through the constant bombardment of incoherent frequencies, from man made machines, this function has been almost lost as a result and our immune systems are weak as a result.

A body cannot be at peace if it is short of energy and running on empty, the stress involved trying to generate more energy creates a vicious circle. But also, when we are wired and hyper it is not too much energy that is the problem it is just that the energy is being wrongly directed and stuck in a loop with no way of exiting because of blockages; Tachyon removes these thus creating a vent to release this energy, encouraging a free flow and calming the whole system.

Tachyon helps to free the system of injuries and blockages that cause energy imbalances which result in stress, pain and confusion.

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