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Tachyon Bamboo Silk Scarf Oshun Spirit Violet Flame

So soft and light, always an Oshun Spirit favorite!

Tachyon textiles on the body increase and stabilize the human aura. The Tachyon field of influence promotes balanced energy, resistance to the effects of stress, immune support, and deep relaxation. Also, enhanced mental focus, greater physical endurance, and protection against harmful electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). Tachyon textiles afford protection from other people's negative energies, too!

Our luxurious Tachyon Scarves measure 70 x 18 inches. They are hand-loomed. This cashmere-soft bamboo and silk blend fibre is light and easy to wear, hand washable. These beautiful scarves are excellent for practitioners to use in the professional practice when conducting healings and treatments, as the Tachyon-energized material helps to balance all energy fields and enhance the energies you are using in your work. Use as a meditation wrap, or altar cloth, belt or headwrap.

This scarf is hand-dyed with natural, botanical dyes in violet and lavender hues. Imperfections in the weave are considered normal and add to the hand-loomed character of these very special pieces. From Northern Thailand, a Fair-trade product.

A wonderful gift for a very special person... like you!


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