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Tachyon Aromatherapy Dream Pillow Orgone Zero Point Healing

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Our little silk Tachyon Dream Pillows each measure 3.5" square x 1" thick. You can slip these right into the ends of your regular pillow cases.

Tachyon Dream Pillows will help you to achieve a deeper and more restful sleep to help rejuvenate and heal your body, mind, and spirit. Use them to deepen meditation, and induce lucid and prophetic dreams for creativity and problem solving.

The Tachyon field of influence stores, amplifies, optimizes and broadcasts energies. The matrix within the field created by applied sacred geometry sends this energy into your subconscious and out into the physical world there by setting up the probable conditions know in the scientific world as programmed intent. It's THE SECRET! This sets into to motion the required events to make your dreams and desires come true! So even while you are sleeping, you have not turned your intent away from your goals.

These are also very comforting for Indigo Children who suffer from psychic attacks and difficult astral experiences in the sleep state.

Choose Petal Pink, Lavender, or Lime Green.

The pillows have a natural, light Lavender and Chamomile "Happy Meadow" scent from the stuffing herbs. Enhance with our Dream Pillow Herbs anointing oil, sold separately.

$12.00 3 available

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