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Sunstone Gemstone Essence Handcrafted Cold Process Vegan Soap

This is for one bar of handcrafted Sunstone and Orange Patchouli Soap. "Feel-Good energy medicine in a bar!" Sunstone's vibration will bring through powerful energy to support and assist the development of the Merkabah within the Lightbody. Through this you may awaken your cosmic consciousness. By the action of these stones to enhance this area of your life... you will create a more simple and straightforward way of thinking. It is a strong manifestation stone and will bring the things that you most desire... in the best manner for your overall spiritual growth including material wealth if that is what your highest and best needs are at the time. By creating an improved state of consciousness you may enhance your effectiveness at manifesting. Sunstone's energy enhances leadership qualities... although this leadership is from the new way of thinking. This leadership brings the aspects of responsibility for being of service and aiding others to help themselves on their journey. Sunstone is helpful if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the shorter days of the year. They carry a strong anti-depressant vibration and are effective if you are feeling stressed. Sunstones embody potent healing qualities that will re-energize your body. A great "morning soap" If you find that in winter you suffer from the SAD disorder... the energy from this soap is effective to help you as it brings warmth and strength while helping to relieve start you on your way feeling positive and uplifted! Sunstones may be called a truth detector... especially if you are in business. Using this stone may assist you when you are doing business dealings... to be sure that the other party is speaking the truth. If you wish to enhance your intuition their vibration will also help you to do this... and they may aid you to bring dishonesty to light. The energy from these bright sparking stones may assist you to let go of people in your life that no longer serve your best interests. Patchouli essential oil: This relaxing scent helps relieve headaches and depression. In skincare, patchouli is wonderful for problem skin because it speeds healing, balances, rejuvenates and tones skin. Orange essential oil: A sweet scent that reduces anxiety and depression and has antiseptic properties. It improves circulation, and is used in skincare to detoxify and rejuvenate dull skin. Each hand-cut bar weighs about 5 ounces, and measures 3 x 2.75 x .75 (+-) inches. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Sweet Orange, Patchouli and Sunstone-infused Essential Oils. Cured in a quartz grid matrix to boost potency.
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