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Oshun Spirit Energy Art Jewelry Fair Trade Mixed Metal Sunflower Hair Barrette

Mixed Metal Sunflower Hair Barrette

  • measures 2 inches x 4 inches approx, wooden pin is 5.75 inches
  • slightly flexible to accommodate all hair types
  • stainless steel, copper, brass
  • lead and nickle free, of course!
  • handcrafted and Reiki blessed

  • We are delighted to offer this exceptional collection of enhanced artisan crafted, mixed metal and gemstone jewelry and accessories. Energy Art Jewelry is created to provide both beauty and healing. The pieces are cleansed and matrix-energized to create an optimal synergy between the jewelry and wearer. This connection produces perceptible electric currents which affect energy flows in the body, mind, and spirit; influence experiences and perception, and help you to create and maintain health, harmony, and balance in your life.

    Fair Trade, and handcrafted in India, these pieces provide a sustainable source of livelihood for artisan families and has tremendously improved their quality of life. Your purchases of Energy Art Jewelry provides lasting economic opportunity to these artisan families.

    All Energy Art Jewelry is lead and nickle free. The necklace strands in the pewter collection are made with cotton, 17 incehes long with 3 inch extender. The base metal is pewter, which is coated with silver/copper/brass, or enameled, and varnished for protection. No cleaning is necessary. The mixed meal collection is made with stainless steel, with brass and copper scroll work.

    Energy Art Jewelry is Reiki blessed and grid activated for healing, balance, clarity, and well being by Master Teacher Susan Berry. Bio-resonance jewelry enhances and focuses mental energies for better performance under pressure, as it improves circulation and balances the flow of chi in your biofield. Wear these pieces to support natural healing and holistic wellness by strengthening your resistance to the effects of stress. Auspicious symbols, geometric patterns, and motifs found in the cosmos and in the natural world lend the power of ancient wisdom to these contemporary interpretations. If a design should speak to you, do listen - and enjoy!

    • please note: any colors shown in photos are reflective of the environment and are not part of the piece.

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    Sandra 2 years ago

    I brought this hair barette because It had a sunflower on it. I love sunflowers! When I received the product I have to say it was simply beautiful! The details are exactly as you see it in the picture but in reality it doesn't do it justice. It has tons of details. When I wear it people automatically comment on it. Thank you!!