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Soul Star Earth Star Chakra Activation

In order for our bodies to be able to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are coming through at this time, our subtle energy system must be able to hold more light than it has in the past. The activation of transpersonal chakras, known as the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal Chakra, and Earth Star is vital. The activation process is somewhat like a Reiki attunement in that you will experience an opening, release, and an influx of available, malleable light.

Soul Star Activation: This healing opens the Stellar Gateway, and Soul Star and Causal chakras. When open and activated these portals allow a very high frequency light to enter our etheric field. I intuit the Stellar Gateway to function as a spiritual barometer which measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The Soul Star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The Soul Star also facilitates access to the akashic records. The Causal chakra is the center that opens to accept the light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, brow and throat chakras. This opening will enhance clarity in your psychic and telepathic communication.

Earth Star Activation: The Earth Star is the anchoring point to the miraculous life force energy of our planet Earth. It connects us to elemental energies, and anchors and aligns all of our chakras from the Root chakra to the first transpersonal point. This anchoring is what allows the Spirit to connect with both the Earth and Universal energies. The major function of the Earth Star is to secure the aura in the physical dimension and keep us grounded while we manifest as light beings.

After you have purchased your healing session please send me your photo and any information you wish to share. Please indicate several “best times” during my regular office hours (M-F, 10am - 4pm EST) when you can be receptive and relaxed for your thirty minute distance healing session (email I do make myself available very early in the morning, and occasional evenings, and weekends as well, by special request.

Several days following the activation we will communicate by email, telephone or Skype to enhance your integration experience.

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Cindy 2 years ago

It was just what I needed to ground, center and keep moving in the positive. Made a world of difference when nothing else seemed to work. Thanks Susan!

Justine 4 years ago

I don't have words for the amazing healings I have gotten from Susan! You feel it immediately and it is like nothing I can describe. Highly recommend!

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