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Silk Scarf Lotus Handwoven Fair Trade Thailand Tachyon Textiles

A customer favorite! We are all greatly comforted and supported by the Tachyon field of influence. The Tachyon field promotes balanced energy, resistance to the effects of stress, and deeper relaxation. Also, it supports enhanced mental focus, greater physical endurance, and protection against the harmful us. Wearing Tachyon textiles improves awareness, and calms and reduces anxiety and irritability. I've also been using Tachyon blankets and socks in my practice for years, and they are among my clients all-time favorite wellness tools.

Our beautiful Tachyon Silk scarves help provide a calming, balancing effect in any situation. And of course they are the ultimate fashion accessory! They are ideal to bring along during energy work, for traveling, to diffuse stressful environments, and for hospital stays and recovery. These silk scarves are the ultimate "secret security blankets" in stressful environments because they can be worn as a scarf, a belt, or a head wrap. Also, ideal as a mediation shawl or alter cloth.

These triple-layer scarves measure a generous 23" (W) x 70" (L) including fringe, and are handwoven in Thailand. Slight imperfections in the weave are considered normal and add to their handcrafted appeal. Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry. Just lovely! Choose from Black, Saffron, Green/Gold, Paprika and Peach.
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