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Shell Spiral Pendulum Focal Bead Tachyon, Orgone, Reiki

This beautifully-finished Shell Bead (approx .75 x 1.75 inches) is perfect to use as a pendulum, to begin a Touchstone or Prayer Strand or to use as a focal bead in a necklace. It is heavy for its size and very pleasing to the touch. Rhodium over white copper, lead and nickle free, of course!

I made a wonderful pendulum using chakra-appropriate Affirmation Beads and this piece.

The Spiral is an ancient and powerful symbol, reflecting this energy known as the oneness, unconditional divine love, and Zero Point energy. The living spiral does not begin or end, it is an ongoing process of the discovery of the essence that connects all things. 

Tachyon Wellness Tools

• Promote holistic health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in the body

• Support natural healing and holistic wellness

• Balance emotional energies

• Magnetize us to our highest potential

(Focal bead only. Crystal beads and Tibetan Silver spiral spacer beads shown are sold separately.)

$18.00 2 available

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