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Sensual Oshun Spirit Signature Fragrance Oil

Sensual Oshun Spirit Signature Fragrance Oil will energize and renew you!

Oshun is the Ifa-Yoruban Goddess of love and life-sustaining rivers, of healing and abundance, as well as money and prosperity. She is the Goddess of all the arts and represents the human ability to create beauty. Also known as "The Mother of Secrets," Oshun holds the mysteries of passion, sensuality, and magic. Oshun teaches us to "go with the flow" of our instincts in order to find the riches of inner tranquillity. Just as water ebbs and flows, she teaches us to allow ourselves to live in harmony with ourselves, being generous with our time for ourselves during an "ebb", and for others during a "flow". Oshun’s unique combination of beauty, love and courage, empowers women to create abundance, happiness, and love-filled children.

Subtle Energies: This is a potent fragrance oil with therapeutic gemstone and botanical essences. It is formulated to awaken and balance the body, mind and spirit. It is particularly well suited to healing second and third chakra imbalances. You'll discover your Goddess Within the moment you experience this sensual blend of Elemi, Orange, Cinnamon, Lavandin, Pine, Patchouli and 5 other essential oils. A grid of aquamarine, blue calcite, carnelian, copper, coral, citrine, gold, pearl, and quartz is activated within a synergistic blend of essential oils. Think of it as liquid love and light!

How to use: This Tachyon oil is for external use only. I do consider this a fragrance oil although it offers many specific therapeutic benefits. Massage a drop directly onto the lower chakras, heart chakra, and/or pulse points. Place a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser or add to your bath. Infuse linen and lingerie in the clothes dryer, or add to your favorite massage or carrier oil. You'll feel sexy, centered and self-confident, and ready to dance through your day and night!

May you be blessed!
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anonymous 3 years ago

I love the sweetness of this fragrance.

Cynthia 4 years ago

Having enjoyed the energy of this oil I gave it as a gift with rave reviews! Bright, sensual and energizing!

Christine Nagy 4 years ago

I love both this and the soap. It's uplifting and smells so good!

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