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Ruby Red Tachyon Orgone Zero Point Pyramid Crystal Healing Feng Shui

Red is the color of energy, vitality and power. In Atlantean Light Therapy Red is used for burning out cancer, drying up weeping sores or wounds, etc., It will warm cold areas to reduce pain. Red is a powerful healing agent for diseases of the blood and circulation. It will help with depression. Red should not be used by people with high blood pressure or anxiety. 2 inch diameter x 1.25 and 1.5" x .75" and 3.25" x 2" inches tall, this size is perfect to lay upon the body or place near you.

Use RED when one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—

Apathy or disconnection from others

Wounds of the heart

Emotional congestion or exhaustion

Mild depression

A physical condition that is being fed or exacerbated by emotional issues

A tight or closed heart chakra

You want to—

Experience and express more divine love

Open and develop your heart

Become more emotionally alive, aware, and balanced

Understand the true nature of love

Support the health of your muscular and immune system

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