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Recycled Art Glass Bangle Bracelets

Smooth and cool, these bangles are the perfect spring and summer accessories! These art glass bangles have a slight opalescence that adds subtle variation in color and lots of depth and shine.

Just gorgeous stacked or one-at-a-time with a white t or summer dress as well as your business suiting! Each bracelet is about .25" wide and 2.5 inch inside diameter.
Calming jingle-jangle, like wind chimes for the wrist!

• milky quartz
• cornsilk
• tangerine
• caramel
• lime green
• grass green
• pool blue
• cornflower blue
• pink blush
• dark cherry
• hematite
• jet

A Fair Trade product from Chile. By purchasing gifts through fair trade programs, you are supporting a great cause while giving a thoughtful, one-of-kind gift. Your purchase helps artisans in the developing world by providing fair wages, safe working conditions, job training, opportunity, empowerment, and transparency.

Please note that imperfections and air bubbles are considered normal and add the the charm of art glass jewelry.
$10.00 2 available

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