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Real Estate Clearing and Home Blessing

Real Estate Clearing Spiritual Healing Home Blessing

Sell your home faster and for more money!

Remove dark energies, depression, and sadness from your home and imprint positive spiritual healing energies for a healthier and more attractive environment. This work may also be applied to a business to help increase sales.

Why do a Real Estate Clearing?
• To attract and magnetize buyers by raising the energies of businesses and homes for sale
• To remove a previous occupants residual energies, or non-productive emotional energies such as resentment, rejection, or sadness following a separation, divorce, or death
• To restore peace and harmony where there has been a
ddiction, betrayal, or violence
• If your home or business is located at an intersection where repeated accidents have occurred
• If you have moved into a new home and you or a family member has become depressed or ill
• To bless and sanctify a newly purchased home or to restore dignity and honor to the land
• To clear dark energies, entities or spirits
• To mark your commitment to mindful, green, and sustainable earth-friendly living in the new year

This healing will remove blocks on selling your home or business, and raise the energies of your environment. If you are having trouble selling your home or real estate, this is an excellent tool to create movement. Or, if you don't sleep well at night, or have low energy, it could be from the energies from past owners, or dark energies in the grounds. Past dis-eased imprints of other occupants are removed in the session, and positive spiritual healing imprints are applied to raise the frequencies of the space. This session is a 1-hour clearing supported by a 7-day grid.

I highly recommend the use of crystalline grids when releasing old habits, establishing new lifestyle patterns, and to manifest specific goals. Grid work is an effective modality in transforming relationships, situations, clearing environments, and maintaining energetically balanced patterns. I've assisted many clients in selling their real estate, and in improving the sense of well being in homes they wish to live in.

To begin the process of clearing your Real Estate, please email a brief description of your goals and a photo of the property to me at

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