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Q POD Tachyon Chi Power Golf Link Pendant

  • Q POD Quasar Tachyon Chi Power Golf Link Pendant
  • measures 1.125 x 2"
  • strung on a silver satin cord (not shown)
  • unisex design

Maximize your potential! This stainless steel Q-POD Pendant is a Takionic powerhouse. Chic and sleek, highest quality finishing and workmanship If you wish to optimize your total being, it's time to discover the benefits of incorporating Tachyon Products into your lifestyle.

Takionic Wellness Tools

• Enhance and focus mental energies for better performance under pressure

• Promote health via electro-magnetic fields

• Improve circulation and balance the flow of chi in your biofield and immediate environment

• Support natural healing and holistic wellness by strengthening your resistance to the effects of stress

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