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Pink Kunzite Sterling Silver Two Tone Stack Ring Size 8

Summer of Love: Pink Kunzite Sterling Ring Size 8

As standalone pieces, these handcrafted rings are beautiful showcases of sparkle and light – elegant, understated, and precious. But stack them together with thin bands of silver or gold and a new aesthetic emerges: one that is layered, complex, eclectic, and uniquely one-of-a-kind.

• Pink Kunzite Gemstones

• Guaranteed Sterling Silver, hallmarked 925

• Two Tone, Gold Filled Accents

• One piece stack design

• Reiki blessed

• Size 8 US

Pink Kunzite connects one more to their heart and higher frequencies of love. Allowing for the opening of the heart acting as the doorway through which all wisdom and creativity is expressed and experienced.

Kunzite acts as a catalyst, to stand strong in ones own power and energy field, giving strength and confidence.

All loving energy of the highest vibration, fills you with peace and joy. Opens you to love on all levels.

Provides a sanctuary when carried or worn, dissipating negativity and attracting love energies.

Kunzite is said to help us to better understand and interact with others, to help heal "broken hearts", to relieve stress and anger, and to bring love, peace and harmony. It is also a stone that removes obstacles.

Kunzite is said to help strengthen the circulatory system, and to be helpful in the treatment of lung disorders.

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