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Pandora Style Journey Bead Bracelet Violet Flame Reiki

The Violet Flame is the Essence of Unconditional Love!

Tachyon energized and Reiki blessed, Journey Beads hold affirmations for healing, joy, manifestation and total well-being. Discover why Journey Beads are fast becoming a favorite of Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, healers, and energy workers of all kinds!

~ 22 Beautiful Buzzing Beads on a black leather bracelet with toggle clasp, fits 7.5 - 8" wrist size ~
Wear to access the wisdom, guidance, and strength to assist in the release and transmutation of all inner and outer structures that no longer serve you. The Journey Beads Violet Flame Bracelet is a high-frequency spiritual energy tool that has extraordinary healing properties to transform negative energy into positive energy.  It is a wonderful piece for the professional energy worker. Worn in meditation and during healings and/or psychic work,  it can dramatically raise your vibrational frequencies to a higher, more pure state.

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~ Violet Flame Planetary Healing Meditation ~

Visualize yourself orbiting the Planet Earth, the Earth spinning below you. Open your Heart and direct a stream of rose pink Unconditional Love to totally encapsulate the Planet, and project a stream of pure white Spiritual Light from the brow chakra, surrounding the Planet, healing, nurturing all of the Kingdoms upon the Planet, the Mineral Kingdom, The Plant Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, the Kingdom of Humanity, The Devic Kingdom, The Nature Energies, and The Kingdom of Souls.

Relate now in loving enlightenment with all of these Kingdoms upon the Planet. Each with an equally important necessary role within the scheme of all that is upon the Planet and all that will be and has been upon the Planet. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Focus that love and light upon any situation, any circumstance or any fellow Being with whom there is ill feeling. Send that love, that light and as it balances the conflict within yourself that is reflected upon the Planet, so will it return to you as nurturing, supportive energies for your own growth. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

You become aware that you’re entirely surrounded by a vibrant living flame of Violet Light. This is the energy of the seventh Ray, the conditioning energy for evolution during this coming and present Age of Aquarius. Its purifying, refining action cleanses you of that which prevents you from freely expressing that which you truly are in essence. As you look down the Violet Flame also surrounds and pervades the entire Planet and all of its being ness. Cleansing and aligning and purifying the conflict upon the Planet so we may enter into an age of enlightenment free from the intense competitive struggle for existence. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Draw that Violet Flame now in through the crown chakra high above the head, flowing into the head area, activating, cleansing, harmonizing where there is conflict. Draw that Flame now in through the brow chakra, centre of the brow, flooding the head and neck areas, aligning with the crown chakra so that these two centres may work in loving unison to ground and express illumination, inspiration and an intuitive knowing. Draw it particularly into the pituitary gland and the [hyper thylmus] gland. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Draw that Violet Flame now in through the throat chakra, the base of the throat. Seat of our communication ability, and our ability to express Love. Higher creativity. That creativity which is the driving energy for the cogs of evolution. Creative energy in all of its forms. Relate with that creativity as that Violet Flame flows through this centre, feel your entire body being inspired to lead a Spiritual life, a life of Love. IN OF AND FOR LOVE, LET THE LOVING VIOLET FLAME RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Now draw the Violet Flame in through the Heart centre, and while the Heart centre expands, awakens to the sense, the feeling, the being ness of Unconditional Love. Direct that Violet Flame particularly to the hyperthalmus and the thyroid region of the neck. Feel that Violet Flame linking these two centres aligning the Soul with its physical representative, LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Feel your Heart being cleansed of suffering, of pain of ages, surrender to the Love.

Draw that Violet Flame now in through the solar plexus chakra, the seat of conflict between the Soul and the contraction of the three worlds of human endeavour centred upon the lower will in this centre. The will expressed through this centre is the collective desire nature and intent of the mental processes of the lower mind, this is not a Spiritual reality, this is a reflection of that which is how you choose to focus your energy with your thought, your deed, your feeling. Cleanse this centre now and open it to the love of the playful Spiritual serene Spiritual Being which you are in essence. MAY LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Draw that Violet Flame now in through the sacral centre, reign of the navel the seat of the desire nature, the seat of ambition, the seat of ‘I want’ regardless of the consequences. Many of you will still be focusing your prime creative energies through this centre. To live a truly Spiritual life, a life of Love, the Soul must direct the flow of creativity through the throat and the sacral energies must become subordinate to the loving expression of the greater will. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.

Now draw that Violet Flame now in through the base chakra. Cleansing you of all insecurities. Feel that Violet Flame now flowing from within the very Heart the very Core of the Planet. In through the base chakra, the base also being the link to our Mother Planet Earth and through the Violet Flame you become one with the essence of the Planet. LET LOVE RESTORE THE BALANCE.


Always the greater will. Direct that Violet Flame now to any point of disharmony within your own physical body. The Love of the Planet now flows through you. The Love of the Cosmos to whatever measure you allow, flows through you and as you stand perched, poised on that middle point between Heaven and Earth, so you discover your destiny. So do you create your destiny, so do you love your destiny. So are you content within your destiny. Yet you may aspire, you may dream, dreams woven into a tapestry of Love and that LOVE RESTORES THE BALANCE.

Let us now affirm to the Universe that which we are in essence and invoke the help and support of those motivated by Love, guided by enlightenment, those who seek to inspire, to activate full realization, fully realized understanding of that which we are and our path within the plan of creation. Seek now to relate with a subtle reality beyond a physical form. Seek to still the mind and enter into a loving nurturing communion with the energies, the understanding which may flow through you and guide in Love, of Love and for Love, your every action, your very understanding. Become that Love. Be aware of what you feel within your body. Choose in this moment, Joy, choose Bliss as a state of being, choose to surrender the vein illusionary desires of the three fold personality and to embrace your Spiritual reality. Simply now BE.

Begin now to return, feeling lighter, although within the body, feeling lighter, capsulated in Love, loving balance, LOVE RESTORES THE BALANCE.

See your self now surrounded by a protective nurturing sheath, tinged with deep royal blue, all of your energy centres functioning harmoniously. Feeling more stable and now return to normal consciousness, enhanced by the light, the love and the peace.

This meditation may be the basis for your daily meditation. This may be context within which you express your gratitide to Gaia and give back to the planet and it’s universe.

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