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Oshun Spirit Signature Bath Salt

Oshun Spirit Signature Blend bath salts combine our lovely signature oil, a blend of citrus and spice scented Bokek and Organic Dead Sea salts, and natural elements including Sacred Herbs and Tibetan Seed Crystals to brighten and balance your energies.

More than just a soak in the tub! This wonderful spa treatment offers a unique meditative experience with gemstone infused oils, dried organic fruits, and Bokek from the Dead Sea,

This blend softens the bath water and your skin, draws out impurities, detoxifies your skin and helps to improve circulation... and so much more!

Gemstone infusions and tinctures have been used effectively in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines for thousands of years. This is a potent salt with therapeutic gemstone and botanical essences. It is formulated to awaken and balance the body, mind and spirit. It is particularly well suited to healing second and third chakra imbalances. You'll discover your Goddess Within the moment you experience this sensual blend of Elemi, Orange, Cinnamon, Lavandin, Pine, Patchouli and 5 other essential oils. A grid of aquamarine, blue calcite, carnelian, copper, coral, citrine, gold, pearl, and quartz is activated within a synergistic blend of essential oils. Think of it as liquid love and light!

Place in a reusable tea bag (not included) or the knotted toe of an old stocking (recycle those torn pantyhose) so herbs and quartz points don't go down the drain. Fill the bag with a few tablespoons of the salt mixture and soak for 20 -30 minutes.

Lavender/Lapis and Lullabye are also available in the 8 oz size, sold separately.

You'll feel sexy, centered and self-confident, and ready to dance through your day and night!
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