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Oshun Spirit Moldavite Tektite Room, Body, Aura Mist Spray Meditation Healing

• Small batch, artisan crafted non-aerosol, water-based room, body, and aura spray

• Use for meditation or in the professional practice before attunements, readings, and healings

• 4 oz plastic spray bottle will keep mist fresh for up to 6 months. For longer storage, please transfer into a glass vessel

• Matrix cured oil for optimal gemstone and botanical synergy and potency

Mother Earth Remembers! Moldavite Tektite is combination of terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies. This mist is handcrafted in very small quantities. It contains fragrant herbs, Himalayan champaca, Spikenard and Sandalwood, and the essence of a large, powerful , and much loved Moldavite Crystal from my private collection.

Use Moldavite Mist in your environment or directly on or around the body prior to meditation, yoga, creative endeavors, or sleep. Working with Moldavite will facilitate a dramatic release of that which no longer serves the highest good, both within you and within the whole of humanity. This oil will help to facilitate an expansion of consciousness by drawing white light from the upper transpersonal chakras through the crown and third-eye chakras. The advanced practitioner will find that using Moldavite oil will help establish telepathic links to benevolent spirits and intelligent energies intent upon aiding the planetary transformation now in progress.

Mist around your upper body and allow the mist to envelop your senses. Please close your eyes while spraying to avoid injury. This mist is for external use only. Please shake before spraying.

Ingredients: Handcrafted Oshun Spirit Moldavite essence oil, with distilled water, Tibetan Singing Quartz crystals and lots and lots of LOVE!

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