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Calming Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Room, Body, Aura Mist

• Small batch, artisan crafted non-aerosol, water-based room, body, and aura spray

• Use for instant calm and balance

• 4 oz plastic spray bottle will keep mist fresh for up to 6 months. For longer storage, please transfer into a glass vessel

• Matrix cured oil for optimal gemstone and botanical synergy and potency

Mist your environment or directly on or around your body to experience a soothing sense of calm. Relaxes your body, quiets your mind, and lightens your spirit.

Ingredients: Lavender essential oil, distilled water, the essence of Luvilite, Tibetan Singing Quartz crystals and lots and lots of LOVE!

Shake well before each use. Hold bottle about six inches away and spritz, avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. Also great as a linen spray. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not take internally. Please recycle packaging.

Energizing Grapefruit Mint Spray shown is sold separately.

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Christine N 3 years ago

Very nice.. I have tried a couple of different ones and I just love them all.