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Cleansing Lemongrass Sage Aromatherapy Room Body Smokeless Smudge Mist Spray Oshun Spirit

• Small batch, artisan crafted, non-aerosol, water-based room, body, and aura spray - 4oz

• Matrix cured oil for optimal gemstone and botanical synergy and potency of lemongrass, sage, thyme essential oils, and black tourmaline and obsidian gemstone essences

• Clears negative energies and offers protection from active thoughtforms

• Great for travel - clear other people's energies from your hotel room, bedding, and personal space to get a peaceful night's rest

• Use a cleansing and protecting mist in your environment or directly on or around the body prior to meditation, yoga, creative endeavors, or sleep.

• Use in the professional practice before attunements, readings, and healings

• 4 oz plastic spray bottle will keep mist fresh for up to 6 months. For longer storage, please transfer into a glass vessel

Mist around your upper body and allow the mist to envelop your senses. Please close your eyes while spraying to avoid injury. This mist is for external use only. Please shake before spraying.

Ingredients: Handcrafted organic lemongrass, sage and thyme essence oils, black tourmaline and obsidian gemstone essences, distilled water, Tibetan Singing Quartz crystals and lots and lots of LOVE!

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Christine 4 years ago

I love this one.. I take it to work with me and keep it with me at all times.. The scent is awesome!