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Oshun Spirit Egyptian Musk 8 oz Salt unisex fragrance

Oshun Spirit Egyptian Musk has a soft, and mystically refreshing fragrance. A warm, woody, and tender green musk, for her and for him! It is light, captivating and mysterious - the scent ebbs and rises throughout the day.

Egyptian Musk has been used in ritual baths for thousands of years, and for attunement and anointment across cultures through modern times. Soft, sensual, and pleasing to both men and women, we blend fine, tender, and green Egyptian Musk essential oils, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Bokek, and Tibetan Seed Crystals to create a luxurious spa treatment unlike any other! This mysteriously captivating blend stimulates desire, softens your skin, relaxes the spirit, relieves sore muscles, detoxifies your body... and so much more!

8 oz Bokek/Dead Sea Salt.

We also have a wonderful Egyptian Musk Shea Lotion, Bar Soap, and an Oil for use in the bath, in diffusers, aromatherapy pendants, and/or on the body at chakras and pulse points, sold separately.

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Christine N 3 years ago

This one is very nice.. scent it very subtle and leaves your skin soft.. very relaxing..

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