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Oshun Spirit All Natural Essential Oil Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Body Room Sprays Mist

Oshun Spirit All Natural Aromatherapy Mists are made fresh to order!

• Artisan crafted non-aerosol, water-based bed, body, and aura sprays - 4oz

• Mist for clarity, balance, to revitalize, de-stress, to elevate your mood - and more!

• Spritz your room, linens, and your body to create sacred space for maximum awareness, creativity, receptivity and joy

• 4 oz plastic spray bottle will keep mist fresh for up to 6 months. For longer storage, please transfer into a glass vessel

• Matrix cured oil for optimal gemstone and botanical synergy and potency

Please close your eyes while spraying round your body to avoid injury. These mists are for external use only. Please shake before spraying.

Ingredients: Natural essential oils and gemstone essences with distilled water, Tibetan Singing Quartz crystals and lots and lots of LOVE! (Please see the individual oil listings for complete ingredient lists)

Choose your favorite Oshun Spirit Oil and we'll make it into an Aura Mist for you!

• Atlantean Healing Temple (Raise consciousness frequency)

• Dream Pillow (Deep Sleep Dream Recall)

• Eclipse (Release, renew & create change)

• Egyptian Musk (Raise vibration)

• Emerald (Heart opening)

• Energy (Raise consciousness frequency)

• Herbal Bouquet (Mental clarity)

• Indigo Child (Supportive, protective)

• Labradorite ( Scrubbing Bubbles for the Soul)

• Lemongrass/Jade (Uplifting, harmonizing)

• Lemon Lavender (Calming)

• Moldavite (Meditation)

• Money Drawing (Supports abundance)

• Monster Poof (Repels Scary Things)

• Oshun Spirit Signature (Discover your Inner Goddess)

• Paradise (Your Happy Place)

• Presence (Grounds, centers and opens the heart)

• Rose/Sandalwood (Archangel assistance)

• Sage Smokeless Smudge (Clears Negative Energy, Protective)

• Sleep Therapy (Relax into sleep)

• Sunstone (Awaken your cosmic consciousness)

• Violet Flame (raise consciousness frequency)

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Shopatusm 3 years ago

I have tried Emerald, Energy, Lavender, Indigo Child, Lemongrass and Moldavite and I love them all.. They are awesome and I love the fact that everything is all natural.

Christine 4 years ago

I got the Emerald spray mist and I love it. I have been using this one a lot. The scent is amazing and picks me up. When you spray this it stays in the air for quite a while.. I love the oil as well!