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Organic Smokeless Liquid Smudge White Sage Remove Negative Energy Cleanse Protec

20% of sales of the Oshun Spirit One Love product line will be donated to Save the Children, offering disaster relief support for children in the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam after Typhoon Haiyan. The charity provides relief for children and families and temporary school tents and learning materials to help children cope, feel safe, and recover confidence after this disaster. One Love Oshun Spirit Organic Liquid Smudge  Smudging is an ancient purification and energy clearing practice using smoldering healing herbs to purify and cleanse people, objects and spaces. The practice is performed to remove negative energy and anchor positive, protective energy into your aura and/or immediate environment. Smudging a lovely way to connect to the Sacred in your life and honor your connection to your spirit. Our liquid smudge allows you to smudge without smoke, and cut through dull, stale energy around you and purify your space easily. Use directly on the body, in an aromatherapy diffuser or pendant, in the bath, or create an aura spray by mixing a few drops with distilled water in a clean spray bottle to use anywhere you want clean, clear energy. This is a wonderful tool to help sensitive children feel safe and happy, make connections, play, and rest. Also, use Liquid Smudge to: • Clear spaces where trauma, violence, or painful emotional events have taken place. Restore balance to any space by disolving lingering thought forms and energetic patterns, and replacing them with integrated peaceful e-motional energies of higher vibrations. • Cut through mental, emotional, and physical energy blocks to strengthen or regain your personal power and remove old thought forms and ideas that no longer serve you. Establish fresh, new, balanced energy patterns conducive to peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Remove stale, “stuck” energy and replace it with new patterns. 
• Calm down and ground after a stressful incident or to stay centered amidst chaos, confusion, or scattered energies in your living or working spaces.
Liquid Smudge offers protection from taking on other people’s energy, especially when you’re in crowds of people. 
• Attract positive people and situations into your life and repel negative ones. 
• Clear the treatment room in the professional healing practice between sessions. Ingredients: Wild-crafted organic white sage and pure essential oil, organic grapeseed oil and Tibetan seed crystals. Matrix cured for optimum therapeutic benefits. This listing is for one 2 dram bottle.
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