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Natural Skincare Purifying Wakame Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash Treatment

Our super fresh Wakame and Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash Treatment smoothes and renews all skin types. Pour a bit onto a moistened washcloth (or into your hands) and delight in the rich and creamy lather. Under the lather, the seaweed and sea salt work their magic - and will leave your skin healthier looking, with a soft, fresh feel.

Sea Salt is full of minerals that are very good for your skin and it gently exfoliates leaving skin glowing. The Refreshing Wakame (seaweed) brightens tired skin as it hydrates and protects. Allow the treatment a few minutes to do it's job, then rinse with warm water. Follow your exfoliating shower with your favorite Oshun Spirit Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter lotion.

• Smoothes and renews all skin types
• Anti-aging protection and collagen stimulation
• Paraben Free
• Hypoallergenic
• 4 oz jar contains 2 - 3 body treatments
• 8 oz jar contains 4 - 6 body treatments

How exactly does Wakame protect skin? For one, it is a natural sunscreen. UV rays that would ordinarily penetrate skin cells are blocked, saving skin from accumulating aging-causing damage. Additionally the algae contains a chemical called sulfated polyfucose which is an antioxidant that shields skin from environmental pollutants that would cause the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for various forms of skin aging, including sagging and wrinkles. Finally, Wakame moisturizes, smoothes and heals. It does this by limiting hyaluronidase, a process that breaks down skin's hyaluronic acid. This acid serves to keep skin firm by acting as an adhesive, keeping collagen and elastic fibers intact. Without hyaluronic acid, skin may sag and dark circles may appear around the eyes.

Seaweed is a wonderful additive to natural soaps and body washes. It contains a spectrum of organic compounds which soothe and protect the skin. The fragrance smells fresh, sweet and a bit minty.

Ingredients: Water, saponified oils of coconut, castor, jojoba and shea, pumice, wakame powder, sea salt, glycerine, citric acid, natural colorant, essential oils, and lots of love. Cured in a quartz grid matrix to boost potency. Avoid contact with eyes ( yes, you can use it on your face!)
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