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Motherpeace Tarot Psychic Reading by email

Mother Knows Best! Created in the 1970s, during the renaissance of the women’s spirituality movement, the Motherpeace deck is unusual in that the cards are round, and the images are women and goddess-based with symbols taken from women-centered rituals and global cultures. This extraordinary deck is designed in gestalt circles of powerful symbols celebrating 30,000 years of women's culture throughout the world. I began offering my services on ebay in 2005 with this deck. The Motherpeace deck remains my favorite set of cards, it holds a place of honor in my personal life, and I consult them regularly for guidance.

Divine Mother, we need your wisdom now more than ever!

I want to help you to get the best possible reading, with confidence that your question will be answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. Your future is a set of probabilities and is created by your Spirit in concert with your personality. Using the amazing Motherpeace Deck as a frame of reference, I will intuitively read the powerful energy patterns of the Divine Feminine present in your life to answer your question. I may draw three cards or many for this reading... The Great Goddess will guide my hands.

Your life is not something that happens to you outside of your control. The reason why you may not always be clear about what is going on, is that sometimes negative emotional, mental and physical energies block your ability to be aware of your Spirit. Psychic readings and spiritual counseling can help you to be more aware of your Spirit, and then you can make choices that are in harmony with your Spirit’s plan for your life.

When I do a reading for you, I first connect with you energetically. As a seer and empath, I do this most easily by viewing your photograph. I adjust my vibration so I can clearly "see and feel you.” Please email a photo of yourself, and describe the nature of your current experiences which lead to your question to me at #636363. You will receive my impressions as a detailed, narrative reading by email within 1 -3 days.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for spiritual guidance in your life.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a reading. Spiritual guidance can not be a substitute for professional, legal, or medical care and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. By purchasing my services, you agree that spiritual consultation is subject to your own interpretation, and your actions are a result of your own free will.

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