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Moldavite Tektite Oil Handcrafted Potent Oshun Spirit

Mother Earth Remembers! Moldavite Tektite is combination of terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies. It is one of the oldest known minerals used for talismanic purposes. Two pieces of Moldavite were found with the Venus of Willendorf! Moldavite is rich with historic and gemstone folklore. It was most probably the green stone in the Holy Grail.

You will receive a 1/4 oz ( approx. 8 m capacity) glass bottle containing a very special, extremely potent, Moldavite Oil and a tiny Tibetan quartz seed crystal. This oil is handcrafted by me in very small quantities. It contains fragrant herbs, Himalayan champaca, Spikenard and Sandalwood, and the essence of a large, powerful , and much loved Moldavite Crystal in my private collection. This gem is immersed in the carrier oil for 21 days, and the infusion is placed in individual 2 dram glass bottles, each of which contain a Tibetan seed crystal to boost the vibrational essence. Each bottle is then ritually placed within a Moldavite grid containing 7 Moldavites for 7 days. Please note: A continuously running Moldavite grid is not recommended for household use!!! This oil is for external use only.

Subtle Energy Therapies
I suggest first using this oil at the heart chakra. Massage a drop or two directly onto your skin prior to meditation or sleep. (I also recommend grounding with Hematite after using this oil. It can leave you a little spacy.) Moldavite contains vibrational energies which will quicken the seeker’s spiritual evolution. Working with Moldavite will facilitate a dramatic release of that which no longer serves the highest good, both within you and within the whole of humanity. I was once told some great advice that I will share with you: seek the wisdom in the stone before you even think of seeking the power it holds!

After working with these energies at the heart chakra, and integrating the new patterns which emerge, you may begin to expand your psychic awareness, telepathic and channeling abilities. This oil will help to facilitate this expansion by drawing white light from the upper transpersonal chakras through the crown and third-eye chakras. Apply to the base of the skull as well as at the brow. The advanced practitioner will find that using Moldavite oil will help establish telepathic links to benevolent spirits and intelligent energies intent upon aiding the planetary transformation now in progress.

I would like to share a wonderful meditation to use when working with this Moldavite Oil:

“I ask that spirit walk with me this day and that I have the courage to carry this truth within me in all that I do. To fully stand in my own truth and power is to honor the spirit within. Help me today to remember both who I am and who I am not. To accept the truth of my own limitations, clears the path to carrying my true power. This day I will balance my ego by checking it often and see my true motivations. I accept the power that is rightfully mine and will to use it to create Home on this side of the veil. I ask that I may allow spirit to emanate from me to all who choose to look upon me, that I may be a perfect mirror so that they may see the Divine within themselves. As spirit walks with me this day I remember to give thanks for the gift of spirit on my shoulder.”

May you be blessed!
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anonymous 3 years ago

One of Oshunspirit favorites!

Andrea 4 years ago

This is very very nice oil , it's properties are helpful in my daily life. I use it every day and feel better using it !

Diana 4 years ago

I love this oil - my husband and I both use it frequently - as well as the Moldavite soap. It is strong and a little goes a long way.

Christine 4 years ago

I love this oil.. I use it every single day. This is my favorite!

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