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Meet Your Spirit Guide: Portrait and Message Reading

Meet Your Spirit Guide:

Channeled Art Psychic Reading

"Love is the way the messengers from the mystery tell us things."

My name is Susan Berry. I am a traditional Usui Reiki Master (1997), a clairvoyant artist, and an intuitive, compassionate healer. I have studied and practiced with masters of diverse esoteric disciplines over the past thirty years.

Channeled Spirit Art is a pure transmission of the universal language of light.
Free of the cultural and personal filters of human language, Spirit Art provides a medium through which your Angels and Spirit Guides are able to communicate directly with your Soul. Additionally, the organic and geometric form structures and color frequencies channeled through the drawing stimulate the human energy system and resonate much like a crystal, providing the same kind of vibrational healing. The divine, healing energy inherent of channeled art allows you to continue to expand and focus your conscious awareness, explore Spirit messages and your insights more deeply, and enjoy the blessings of spiritual growth.

Your reading will include a portrait of your Spirit Guide and a channeled message for you to use as meditative tools.
Supportive of the moment, and your spiritual understanding of the challenges in your life, Spirit Guides step forward to offer compassionate wisdom. Your Guides seek to open your heart, facilitate deep healing, and strengthen the flow of love and positive energy into your life. Spirit messengers often visually present as animals or birds, or as gifts from the natural world, they may appear in angelic forms, or manifest as powerful beings of light and great beauty. Always, they tell me a story. And always, they offer a message of love for you.

You will feel genuinely supported, loved, lighter, and more confident as you take the next steps in your personal journey toward true health, genuine fulfillment and lasting happiness.
Please email a photo of yourself and/or your birth information (time/date/place) and the questions you seek to answer ( You will receive my impressions as an intuitive reading (3000+ words) with a portrait of your Spirit Guide which I will create for you in meditation. Used as computer desktop wallpaper (800 x 600 jpg format) your drawing will serve as a meditative background that will emanate positive energy and blessings as you work through your daily life.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for the healing energy which will stimulate and nurture your own ability to intuit spiritual guidance.

Significant time and energy are expended for each commission, there can be no refunds. However, I will happily provide you with a prompt, follow-up email if you feel you would like to process the message and explore your insights more deeply. As I work only when I am most receptive to clarity, please allow up to three or four days to receive your portrait and reading.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a reading. Spiritual guidance can not be a substitute for professional, legal, or medical care and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. By purchasing my services, you agree that spiritual consultation is subject to your own interpretation, and your actions are a result of your own free will.

$150.00 9 available

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